Financial Benefits Program

The Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program pays financial benefits to eligible victims of violent crime in Alberta.

The goal of this program is to award financial benefits to victims who have received physical and/or psychological injuries as a result of a crime. Payments are awared based on the injuries received, and as an acknowledgment of the victimization that has occurred.

This program does not pay for any cost or loss related to a crime e.g. damage to personal property, lost wages or medical costs. To assist with the recovery of these losses, please refer to our section on making a Request for Restitution.

To be eligible to receive Financial Benefits:

  • you must be the victim of the crime (not all crimes are considered eligible offenses)
  • the crime must have occurred in Alberta
  • you must have reported the crime to the police (within a reasonable period of time)
  • you cooperated fully with the police investigation
  • your application was received within two years of when the crime occurred.

This program recognizes that child victims and significantly incapacitated adults may not be in a position to apply for these benefits on their own. In these instances, a guardian or someone acting on behalf of the victim may apply.

Below are two types of Financial Benefits application forms. One is for individuals who have been injured after a violent crime. The second application form is for individuals who wish to apply for these benefits after someone has died as a result of a violent crime. Financial Benefits after a death are applied to funeral costs and may be claimed by the person who paid these costs.

For more information regarding the Financial Benefits Program, please review the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security brochure below or please contact Bow Valley Victim Services.