Who We Assist

From April 1994 to April 2013, the BVVSA:

- assisted 9,132 individuals victimized by crime and trauma

- responded to 1,281 crisis calls

- assisted with 4,385 separate occurrences

- assisted 993 individuals in court.

- have conducted educational presentations to 18,000 people

Over the past operational year ending April 15, 2013, the BVVSA assisted 593 individuals in 331 occurrences. 154 of these occurrences originated in Banff, 144 in Canmore, 25 in Lake Louise and 8 in Kananaskis.

The types of situations where victims have been assisted by the BVVSA includes murder, attempted murder, sudden death, suicide, attempted suicide, fatal motor vehicle collisions, motor vehicle collisions, serious accidents, sexual assaults, assaults, domestic assaults, residential and commercial break and enters, robbery, thefts, forgeries, property damage, trespassing, harassment, threats, kidnapping, missing persons, child abuse and indecent acts.